Look! THIS is Geneva. I now live here, but I'm not from this land, I come from people's hearts! Geneva is just the city I go to school to. Talking about my education: my school is a very prestigious place: BEAUTY FAIRY (my school) is literally a drop of rain! Well, bigger. What I like best is poetry and dancing in the airs, but you surely knew this. In my school, I adore: magic swimming class, "Fairy Love Song" chorus, and creative fairytale class. But I do not appreciate: wing balm (i.e. like lip balm) class. Today, I think I'll go fly above the Lac Léman (here on the postcard) with the swans. If you ever need any help, just write to me at my e-mail adress: www.shimmeringfairysparkle@cute_me.fai