What is F3-MITIC

From Teacher Education to Professional Development for E-learning in an E-society (pdf, 30 ko)

Raymond Morel, Jean-Claude Domenjoz, Charles Lachat and Christine Rossi

Extracts from the book Information and Communication Technology and the Teacher of the Future, Carolyn Dowling, Kwok-Wing Lai, Kluwer Academic Publishers/Boston
ISBN 1-4020-7604-5, September 2003
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This paper concerns the development of a scenario aiming at the improvement of teacher education in Geneva in the field of media, image and ICT (MITIC) in a media- and pedagogy-oriented process instead of technology-driven action as is usually the case. Among a lot of observations, experiments and constraints, the key factors we address are the lack of well-educated teachers of teachers (level F3), willingness to enhance coherence in teacher education together with pedagogical research (innovative projects), the need to take into account the evolution of the demography of teachers in professional development and the necessity to promote an attitude to and an awareness of practices in collaborative and cooperative work. In this process we have built a prototype of a new concept of teacher (F3-MITIC), and we have cooperated in a national incentive policy and proposed an agenda for the remaining problems to be solved. We conclude the presentation of our contribution by the assessment of the fundamental necessity to put in action a real e-piloting including a set of strategies, as well as projects and tools which will have to be elaborated with the actors in the field, in the four following directions: sharing data, re-defining teachers' competencies, taking care of innovative projects and designing pedagogical models of e-learning.