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The Pedagogical Center for ICT (CPTIC) is a non profit educational organization for the Increase and diffusion of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) knowledge in Education. A program designed for teachers and professors to develop and understand all aspects of new technologies in education in the context of increasing globalization and cultural diversity. By focusing on an understanding of the total education system and how to relate procedures to the process of growth and globalization, this program is an unique opportunity for teachers and professors in Geneva, Switzerland, to position themselves as the strategic partner in the global education transformation.

The Pedagogical Center for ICT (CPTIC) of the Department for Public Education of Geneva (DIP) is operated by teachers professors and specialists :

  • teams of teachers won over to pedagogical innovations;
  • a specific center for the development and implementation of new technology activities;
  • a network of teachers for exchange, reflection and development of learning tools;
  • applying new technology, electronic networks and professional specialities, learning materials put on a local and wide area network, available to resident and distant students

The main aim of the CPTIC : help you acquire a range of pedagogical skills updated on developments within and beyond your teaching subject, helps to make effective use of new technologies, methods and material, because... education will profit from advances in information technology and telecommunications. The range of services supports all actors of the DIP community.

  The CPTIC provides:

  • pedagogy
  • learning methodology and infrastructures
  • research and development
  • vision for the future in open and distance learning
  • dissemination of information
  • multimedia technologies
  • concepts and knowledges of telematic support systems
  • skills workshop : coaching and practicing techniques

  The CPTIC offers information beyond pedagogy and technology :

  • pedagogical or educational concepts of student centred learning
  • learning technologies
  • computing tools for teachers
  • computers as pedagogical tools in teaching and learning
  • influence of these tools on the content and method of teaching and learning
  • computers and teacher education
  • distance learning
  • electronic networks
  • telematic services
  • telecommunications systems in schools communication via e-mail messages
  • interactive teaching programs
  • electronic tutoring
  • electronic conferences
  • learning technology development in the field of education

Regularly scheduled programs and activities sponsored by the Department for Public Education of Geneva, will introduce you to the service and its resources - and to new ways to enjoy them.

Interpretive programs include conferences, talks, workshops, briefings courses, seminars and demonstrations. Most seminars run from 2 to 3 days exploring such subjects as French or foreign languages teaching, chemistry, physical or biology sciences... with computers!

Won't you join us in our effort to make CPTIC an even better service ?

General information useful address and telephone number :

Publications and brochures are also available on requestion at CPTIC; by writing to (on alternative media on request):




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