NOTE: Comme pour chaque pays membre du projet EUN Schoolnet, le Centre des technologies de l'information dans l'éducation (CTIE) à Berne a préparé une page sur des sites nationaux suisses mis en vedette pendant le mois de décembre 1999.

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Switzerland: December 6th to 20th, 1999

Educa is run by the Swiss Agency for ICT in Education. It is a portal for anybody interested in ICT in Swiss education especially if the primary target group is teachers. Among the services offered you can find addresses of schools, lists of projects, news on ICT and education, software-licences for schools and an online edition of Interface, a magazine dedicated to the use of computers in schools.


The Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education comprises the 26 members of the cantonal governments who are responsible for education, training, culture and sport. On the site you can get information about the structure of education and initial training systems in Switzerland.


The Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology.


The Federal Office for Education and Science is responsible for the policy of Swiss universities when matters of national and international research policies are concerned.


Need any stats? The Swiss Federal Statistical Office can help you out on its site or with its online-database

Swiss Schools on the Web

At you can choose Swiss schools by cantons and find their URL and  e-mail addresses.

School Projects

Interested in school projects? You can find a range of interesting school projects under ( [German] or ( [French]

ThinkQuest Switzerland

The national site of this international project. Switzerland's participation ranked 3rd in its first year of participation.

Maps of Switzerland

Digital maps and GIS on the Internet - and how to find them. Links to Web or Telnet catalogues of map holdings, map collections and map archives, map curatorship and map history, map institutions, map events and many others


This site of the CPTIC, the cantonal competence and teacher's training centre for ICT in education of the canton of Geneva, is an example of a cantonal educational