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by Bernard McLaverty
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The suggestion / explanation for use of the files is given in each case.
Here are the vocabulary lists (along with the cover page) for the entire book.
For chapter one, here are the worksheets, for Student A, and for Student B.
Student A and B each have questions to work through - alternately works best, and students should not show the pages to each other.
For chapter two, there are again two worksheets, but this time there are only a few words written on each one. Student A needs to ask Student B for an explanation to the "memory-joggers" found on his own page. That is to say, Student B helps Student A with the words found on Student A's own page, and vice versa. Student A's worksheet (to be answered by Student B) is here; Student's B's worksheet (to be answered by Student A) is here.
To my way of thinking, Chapter 3 is best dealt with in groups, since it is such an important chapter in the book. There is a worksheet that all the students can have; the teacher can distribute different areas of the sheet to the various groups. Be sure to leave time for a feedback session at the end of the group work.
Here is a worksheet for the students to fill in, covering the "clues" left by the author / narrator as to what Cal had done, which the reader only discovers in chapter 3 but can already suppose before.
Chapter 4, once again, can be worked on in groups, but this time there will be two series of groups. The first groups work on one heading each of the sheet. Then the groups can be mixed, with one person from each of the headings coming together to form one group, thereby allowing the students to have all the answers at the end of the session.
The same technique can be used for chapter 5 as for chapter 4.
Here is an extra worksheet on the symbols in Cal.
Here is a very brief file, with the definition of "humane killing".

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