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Here are some vocabulary-lists for Students who are Beginners or Lower-Intermediate, except for The Crying of Lot 49, which is a VERY difficult book, to be attempted only with a very motivated 4th-year class...

CAVEAT - I am sharing a "work-in-progress", and all of this is FAR from perfect!
Please share your negative opinions, etc., kindly. . .
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Headway Elementary New CEC - Book I New CEC - Book II The Crying of Lot 49

vocabulary lists for Headway Elementary, by Liz & John Soars, OUP

You have the vocabulary for the entire book, as well as two text-based files that Wordstore will
 allow the student to open, from within the program. These files are reminders of WH- queries and a little schema to help them formulate queries in the simple past.
vocabulary lists for The New Cambridge English Course, Book I
The vocabulary comes from the New Cambridge English Course 
by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter, CUP
vocabulary lists for The New Cambridge English Course, Book II
The vocabulary comes from the New Cambridge English Course by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter, CUP.

The list was first typed in by Monique Tournaire, then re-edited  by Lilliam Hurst to include more recent events in the context sentences.  Monique Tournaire (also of Collège Claparède), has given her permission to have this file here for you to download.

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VOCABULARY for The Crying of Lot 49, by Thomas Pynchon.
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