The Blue Room
Here is a text about two cousins on a windy day in England.

1Which of the following is correct? Only one answer is correct.
Douglas didn't want to spend the morning with the writer.
Douglas wanted to explore the back streets of the town.
The writer wanted to go shopping with his aunt.
The writer wasn't happy at the thought of spending the morning with his cousin.

2Only one of the following answers is correct. Which one?
The writer suggested they should walk along the beach.
The writer's aunt suggested they should go for a walk along the promenade.
Douglas wanted to know how much money the writer had.
Douglas suggested they should go to the Blue Room.

3Which ONE of the following four possibilities is the best? Choose only ONE!
There was nobody on the pier.
There was a fortune teller on the pier.
Most of the souvenir shops were shut.
Douglas was relieved to discover that the pier was not closed.

4When the writer stepped inside the Blue Room. . .
he was amazed.
he was excited.
he was shocked.
he was upset.

5Inside the Blue Room. . .
it was crowded.
it was dangerous.
it was noisy.
it was hot.