Button and Snowball
Susan has got a cat and Isabel has got a dog. Susan's cat is white, and its eyes are green. Its name is Snowball because it is as white as snow. Isabel's dog is black, and its eyes are brown. Its name is Button, because its eyes are like big, brown buttons.

Isabel went to Susan's house last Saturday, and her dog went too. The girls went into Susan's garden. Susan threw her ball, and Button caught it. The girls laughed. Then Button took the ball to Isabel. Isabel threw it to Susan, and button ran, but Susan caught the ball.

Isabel said, "Where is Snowball?" Susan said, "She is in the street. She is catching mice. She caught three yesterday." Then Isabel threw the ball into some bushes, and Button ran into the bushes too. He did not come out, and Isabel said, "Button, what are you doing?" Then two animals ran out of the bushes. The first one was black and the second one was white. The black one was Button, and the white one was Snowball. Susan said, "What has Button got? Is that the ball?" Isabel said, "No, it is not. It is one of Snowball's mice. Button has taken it, and Snowball is angry, because she wants it. Button is afraid, and he is running."

Button ran to Isabel. He put the mouse in front of her, and then he sat down. The girls laughed, and Susan said, "He has brought you the mouse."

Isabel said, "I do not want it, Button. Give it to Snowball. She wants it."

Button is a good dog. He took the mouse to Snowball, and she ate it. Then the two animals played in the garden.

It was warm and sunny, and they played from eleven o'clock to twelve o'clock. Then Isabel and Button went home.