First / Second Conditional
An exercise to help you reinforce what you know about the First and Second Conditional
(with one or two examples with the Zero Conditional)

1If you hear people screaming...
[N.B. This is a ZERO conditional!]
what do you do?
what would you do?

2She wouldn't help anyone...
if they are in trouble.
if they were in trouble.

3I'll be back here by ten p.m. tonight...
if the train wasn't late.
unless the train is late.

4If there isn't enough food for the guests to eat...
we can get some Chinese take-away.
we would get some Chinese take-away.

5I might possibly lend you my mini-scooter...
[N.B. This could be a ZERO conditional!]
if you promised to be careful.
if you promise to be careful.

6If no-one calls by next week...
I would sell the stereo to you.
I will sell the stereo to you.

7I would tell you of course...
if I knew the answer.
if I'll know the answer.

8What will you do...
if she refuses to go out with you?
if she'll refuse to go out with you?

9If you studied more...
you won't fail your exams.
you wouldn't fail your exams.

10I'll give you the money tomorrow...
if I can
if I could