More on the Conditional
Gap-fill exercise with the Conditional - put the verbs in brackets in the most suitable form.
1. If aliens (land) on Earth, I (be) frightened to death.
2. If my sister (not help) me immediately, I (go) somewhere else.
3. I believe that most people (stop) work if they (win) the lottery.
4. What (we do) , Doctor, if she (feel) any pain during the night?
5. I (not marry) him even if he (be) the last person on earth!
6. If a bomb (go off) in the market-place, the results (be) terrible!
7. Unless you (hand over) the money at once, I (shoot) you!
8. If you (be) late, she (not allow) you to stay in class.
9. If you (ask) her now she (possibly - accept) .
10. I (probably - go) to the Lost and Found Office if I (lose) my wallet.