The Body in the Hotel Bed
Gap-fill exercise
     called     called     called     came     changed     checked     clean     cleaned     cleaned     decided     explained     find     found     found     give     got     had     left     like     offered     pulled     put     said     searched     send     smell     smell     smelled     speak     started     told     told     told     told     took     try     try     try     walked     wanted     was     went     went     went     were     would     

A man and woman to Las Vegas for their honeymoon, and into a suite at a hotel. When they to their room they both detected a bad odor. The husband down to the front desk and asked to to the manager. He that the room a very bad odor and they would another suite. The
manager apologized and the man that they all booked because of a convention. He to send them to a restaurant of their choice for lunch compliments of the hotel and he was going to a maid up to their room to and to and get rid of the odor.

After a nice lunch the couple back to their room. When they in they could both still the same odor. Again the husband the front desk and the manager that the room still really bad. The manager the man that they would and find a suite at another hotel. He every hotel on the strip, but every hotel was sold out because of the convention. The manager the couple that they couldn't them a room anywhere, but they try and clean the room again. The couple to see the sights and do a little gambling anyway, so they said they would them 2 hours to clean and then they would be back.

When the couple the manager and all of housekeeping to the room to and find what was making the room so bad. They the entire room and nothing, so the maids the sheets, changed the towels, down the curtains and new ones up, the carpet and the suite again using the strongest cleaning products they had. The couple back 2 hours later to find the room still had a bad odor.

The husband so angry at this point, he to find whatever this smell was himself. So he tearing the entire suite apart himself. As he the top mattress off the box spring he a dead body of a woman.

Common Urban Legend - told by Autumn Murphy, 03/30/98

Exercise created by Lilliam Hurst
on September 30th, 2001
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