Exploration - why in the world?

The traditional reason for exploration - to boldly go where no man gone before - has become a out of date now. Corners the world that have not explored are rare indeed. They exist, however, and from polar to tropical rainforest, from 8,000 m in the Himalayas to submarine in the Caribbean - the attempts discover still continue.

The increasing in exploration is reflected in growth of companies which specialise holiday-length expeditions to the foothills the Himalayas, Africa and South . Such tours are unlikely to real danger but they offer challenge to allow the traveller some the achievement of full-scale .

The line dividing exploration from is difficult to draw now. may range from packaged adventures well-known routes to a assault on some remote mountain where survival relies on good , technical skill, judgement and good . As one climbing enthusiast put : "Some people can get full from simply admiring a mountain a safe distance. Others might be satisfied by actually climbing the mountain."

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