Multiple-Choice Questions

Click on the answer you think is correct.

1. The plant moved because
   a) It saw a fly
   b) Daphne touched it.
   c) it was hungry.
   d) one of the mouths closed

2. Merle was terribly excited when she was able to
   a) give the Venus Fly Trap a piece of meat.
   b) feed the Venus Fly Trap on flies.
   c) grow a Venus Fly Trap.
   d) plant a Venus Fly trap.

3. Daphne went pale
   a) because she had got a headache.
   b) because she thought Merle was going to give the plant a fly.
   c) at the thought of giving the plant a piece or meat.
   d) at the thought of the plant eating a living creature.

4. Which of the following sentences is correct?
   a) Merle was wearing a red, cotton dress.
   b) Merle had red fingernails.
   c) Merle was rather a nervous person.
   d) Merle's dress had tight sleeves.

5. Which of the following is correct?
   a) Daphne had a son who lived in America.
   b) Daphne didn't know anyone in London except Merle.
   c) Daphne came to visit Merle every day.
   d) Daphne chose a seat from where she could watch the plant.

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