Gerund ? / Infinitive ?
Gap-fill exercise
1. I had to ask the boys (stop) (ride) their mini-scooters in the corridor.
2. Don't start (try) (learn) algebra before you have finished (learn) (do) simple things in arithmetic.
3. We can't think of (buy) a new house before (sell) the old one.
4. I'd love (have) the opportunity of (meet) you again.
5. Our teacher has promised (help) us (prepare) for next week's test.
6. I hate (get up) early in winter and (get ready) in the dark.
7. If you can't fix that old thing, try (hit) it with a hammer!
8. I saw her (sit) at the bus stop, and I heard her (tell) her friend not to wait for her.
9. Poor Charles! The police suspected him of (try) (sell) stolen bicycles.
10.Can you manage (finish) (pack) these parcels alone?