Yet more - Gerund ? / Infinitive ?
Gap-fill exercise
1. A student can't learn (spell) without (be) taught.
2. On (hear) her (speak) everyone took her for a foreigner.
3. Have you ever watched people (try) (catch) fish?
4. If you dislike (peel) onions, try (wear) glasses and (hold) them under water while (do) so.
5. I promise to give you an opportunity (ask) questions before (leave) the classroom after (listen) to my lesson.
6. It's stupid (risk) (break) a leg with those mini-scooters.
7. I must remember (remind) the students that this grammar point needs (revise) .
8. We mustn't risk (be) late for the concert.
9. I don't want (miss) (hear) the choir again.
10. I advise you (wait) before (decide) (accept) that position at the supermarket.