Modals 1
Short-answer quiz on modal verbs

1She tried to contact me, but the phone . . . (be) busy.

2I . . . (go) for a swim if I'd wanted to.

3I . . . (not say) such a terrible thing.

4I don't know who wrote that letter. It . . . (not be) Mrs Johnson, as she wasn't in the office that day.

5I . . . (not leave) my keys at home - I'm sure they were in my pocket.

6I'm sorry, I ... (let) you know what was happening.

7He . . . (warn) us that he was going to leave his job.

8They. . . (not leave) without being seen by anybody.

9I think you . . . (tell) your parents you were going to be late. They were very worried.

10We don't know who took the money. The office was full of people, it . . . (be) any of them.

11. . . (you not be) just a little more polite?

12You . . . (apologize) for being late.

13They . . . (not get) into the house through a window; they were all closed.