The paper-eater
Gap-fill exercise with a reading text. Read the text, and fill in the gaps in the exercise
     that     that     what     when     when     when     when     where     which     which     which     which     which     who     who     who     whose     
Did you ever hear about the man eats paper? This is a true story took place in Australia from I heard. It's the story of a man suffers from some sort of disease makes him crave cellulose, is the material paper is made of.

He used to eat newspapers, was all he could get, until his wife decided that it would be better if she made paper for him (so he wouldn't have to eat the ink covers newspapers, you know). She didn't want to be known as the woman husband was obliged to eat inky newspapers because he had no kind person to make newsprint for him.

His wife is a woman loves a joke, so she makes him paper has all sorts of exotic flavours. So, now he only eats the paper his wife makes and only eats ordinary newspapers he is travelling, for instance he is in New York.

He likes to visit New York, because it is the newspapers are the thickest. He is happiest on Sunday, he is in New York, because that is the newspapers are really thick. Thick newspapers, for him, are like a banquet at an excellent restaurant.

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on 11.02.01
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...with a nod and wink for Joy Kundig