Phrasal Verb Crossword


Clues Across
2. The security guard forced the robber to "give in"
6. When your parents scold you, why don't you "stick up" for yourself?
7. My dog will always "go for" anyone he doesn't know.
8. The government is going to "put up" yet another bank office.
10. At what time does your airplane "get in"?
11. Don't leave me here - please "hang on" a minute.
13. Things are "looking up" for me now. I am doing better.
14. My mother likes me to "call her up" once a week.
Clues Down
1. My friends always "throw out" everything I suggest.
3. When my new teacher explained this I didn't "take in" a word she said.
4. I have an old painting, and I need someone to "do up" the colours for me.
5. The Olympic Games will "go ahead" as planned in 2006
9. Please "carry on" with this exercise; you're almost done.
12. My mother always insists that I "clear up" my room every week.
2 3 4 5
8 9
11 12