A Shadow
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1 The name of the main character of the short story.
4 To make very, very frightened.
6 A film made about the periods between 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 is called a ...
10 a strong, negative emotion you feel when you think someone has been unfair, cruel or insulting.
12 Not alive
13 The antonym of Eastern. Also a "genre" of film made about life in the Wild West of the USA.
14 A film made with a series of carefully painted pictures, and not with real people.
16 To make very sad and disappointed.
17 To be so happy and full of energy that you cannot relax, usually because you are looking forward to something and cannot wait.
20 Very, very happy about something.
22 To really like doing something.
23 A feeling of profound unhapiness.
2 The hero wanted four of these coins to pay for the cinema.
3 Illegal actions committed by someone.
5 The hero's mother lost consciousness; she . . .
7 Full of thoughts of love.
8 Something that you cannot accept or deal with because you find it so unpleasant, painful or upsetting is . . .
9 Something that holds your attention is . . .
11 When you feel happy that something has NOT happened.
15 A "genre" of book, film or play that tells an exciting story about dangerous, frightening or mysterious events.
18 These have to go OUT before the film can begin.
19 When you are feeling a total lack of interest we can say that you are. . .
21 The sign above the door that leads you OUT of the cinema.