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authorities in the North of England have in the army to help civil defence organisations engaged in relief work there. The North its fifth successive day of heavy snow and winds yesterday, and there is still no sign a change in the weather. Many roads buried under snow, and in some places, snow have reached a height of five metres.

several places, high winds have blown down power . Electricity Board repair teams have restored the supply to most villages but have not yet to do so for farmhouses cut off by snow in North Yorkshire. Even fast-flowing rivers the Wye in Derbyshire have frozen over. Army answered a number of distress calls yesterday and people to safety, but rescue workers are still for a family missing on the moors since .

The weather outlook for tomorrow is not . A Meteoro-logical Office spokesman said last night: ', we still haven't seen the worst of this weather,' and more snow is forecast for today. Government has already drawn up an emergency to deal with possible flooding if temperatures rise this week and the snow melts rapidly but outlook at present is: 'Still very cold.'

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