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This idea was gratefully culled from a suggestion by Anthea Tillyer on the TESL-L discussion list. Anthea Tillyer is the founder and owner of the TESL-L list at the City University of New York.

Students first read a work of literature, using (in our case) worksheets prepared more or less according to the ideas to be found in the book " Literature in the Language Classroom" by Joanne Collie and Stephen Slater (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers, 1987). The worksheets for the two books read (and others, made according to the same format, for other works studied in my classes) are available for you to download at: The English Literature download site of the Centre Pédagogique pour les Technologies de l'Information et Communication. 

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(3rd year of English)
3 MA  
(3rd year of English)
A Streetcar named Desire 
(Tennessee Williams)
To Stella   
From Stella  
To Blanche  
From Blanche  
To Mitch  
From Mitch  
To Stanley From Stanley  

To Stella
From Aurélia

Saturday, 27th June 1998

Dear Stella,

How are you ? And how is your baby ? I have learned that your sister, Blanche is staying with you !

How is she ? Fine I hope. Stanley must be unhappy and miserable, I think.
I know that he doesn,t like Blanche because she is rich and she doesn,t come from New Orleans . A very different country than yours.

I think he is right, you must be careful with Blanche. She will flirt with all men. Her first reflex, when she sees a man, is  « Is he married ? Does he love women ?... » Her preoccupation is men. Be careful with Stanley. Blanche lies, invents everything, she lives in an imaginary world where all the men love her.

You know that I love Blanche very much, but she is a liar, a big liar.
Nobody can imagine that because she,s an aristocratic woman with a good education. An ideal teacher: rich, beautiful and intelligent, but it,s wrong. It,s true, she has a good education but she seems to only.

Your sister has a big problem, she drinks, she drinks all the time. A good woman can become a bad, an alcoholic woman. Blanche drinks all the time so she stays in her imaginary world and not fall into the degeneration.

I,m your friend, and I know your sister, I have just one word to tell you. «  be careful », your sister has changed.

    See you,



From Carla

My dear Stella,
I received your letter yesterday and I was very sorry to know the situation that Blanche created, when she arrived.When she had to sell the house after the death of Tod and aunt Diana,I saw an enormous transformation in her attitude.She was already nevrotic but I   think now it has grown and I,m so worried.

I know you discovered something about her life in the past ,I have known that for long years but it
seems to me not to be a terrific secret.Everybody make mistake and it,s not our problem,but I think this part of her life influenced her present attitude.She thought that she had to hide her past like the death of her boyfriend or the problems after the death of your parents.Every   this things make Blanche more neurotic and sadder.

She always needs to be loved and to flirt,but be carefull,Stella,she,s not in her normal attitude,it,s the reason why she was  flirting with Stanley and with Mitch.
Her boyfriend who died is alive in her mind ,she didn,t accept his death and she can,t respect herself because she think she has to assume responsability of his death.Since this event, she can,t fall in love and she has this nymphomaniac attitude.I,m sorry to tell you with this hard words but you have to think about your life.

Soon you,ll have a baby with the man you fell in love with many years ago.
The right place for Blanche is in a psychiatric hospital, for her sickness.She,ll get over with the help of doctors and qualified people.Think well about that.

If you need my help, I,ll always be here for you.

Your cousin Carla

From Natalia:

My dear Stella,

I learned from your letter that your sister Blanche had arrived from Belle rive, your family house. I can understand the problem between your husband and your sister who hate each other. The three of you are living in a very small apartment without any doors so that it is impossible to have a private life.

My dear Stella, if I understand the description of your sister well, she is sensitive, energetic but also selfish, a liar and hysterical. All those characters overturn your personality. You, Stella who are so sensitive. I know well your affection towards your sister, but she is working over you. She is constantly criticizing your life, your marriage, your behaviour and style of life your life, your marriage, your behaviour and style of life. You must take a hard decision such as talking with her seriously.

In fact Blanche is all the time "playing a game". Now she is playing with you. Perhaps as you wrote, she isn't well-balanced. Her life is very disorded: no man, no job, no home. In consequence she has became alcoholic. Seriously I think she needs psychological help.

Stella you must think about your husband, Stanley, who loves you and whom you love. Becarful, your sister is abusing your hospitality if this situation continues , your husband, who sometimes reacts very strongly, might perhaps create an unbearable situation.

I will think about you Stella and I wish you a good luck. Be strong with your sister even if she is sensitive an innocent-looking.

     All my love

From Stella
to Emma

Dear Emma,

I'm writing to you because I need advice. My sister Blanche has come to live with us "for the holidays". At first she said that she would only stay a few days, but that was one month ago.

We have several  problems with Blanche. The major problem is that Blanche and Stanley don't get on together at all. Blanche doesn't like Stanley's attitude, or his manners. Well, I know we have had a different education, but this seems a bit exaggerated. And Stanley can't stand Blanche's attitude towards us. I don't quite like her attitude either. She seems very strange. She doesn't tell me everything, and hides perhaps important things from me and Stanley. And I think that she drinks. I can't be quite sure, but it seems to me that she is getting through our whisky quite fast.

And I'm also beginning to think that she lies to me. About her job, and Belle Reve, and other things, but I don't even want to think about it, I can't get myself to think that she lies to me, her sister.
And Stanley thinks too that it is a possibility.And I'm sure that he is going to look into all that she told us. He doesn't like her at all, in fact. He is constantly annoying her, trying to get her mad.

I don't know what to do, because I love Stanley, and I don't want him to suffer Blanche's presence anymore, for it is separating us, but Blanche is my sister, and I don't want to put her out on the street.

What should I do? Please come and see me soon.


to Muriel

New Orleans, the twentieth of August
Dear Muriel

I write you because I'm alone in this situation. I haven't anybody to tell what has happend since last spring. Here nobody can understand me. I'm really alone.

Everything began when my sister Blanche arrived. In fact the events are mixed up in my mind. They trouble me. But all the same, I'll try to write what happened since Blanche has arrived.
Before everything you have to know what kind of person my sister is. My husband, our small flat, our neighbourhood, our friends, our kind of life aren't a life for her. She needs the opposite of me in order to feel well.

Since the beginning Blanche told me that my life wasn't good for me and she decided to protect me.
I can't be angry against her because she loves me and I love her too, but her protection is becoming more and more stifling. Now this situation is intolerable for me and for Stanley. His behaviour is against my nervous and precious sister, day after day, more and more aggressiv and hard.
He suspects her of been another person. He belives that she wasn't a respectable teacher but prostitute in a morbid hotel.

I don't belive it, I can't ... even if that is true.

It's also true that my life isn't perfect and Stan the best husband out the world. He really has beating me when he gets drunk, but at this moment he isn't himself at all. I love him and that is what I need.
Now they are the last summers days, the situation is becoming worse and worse. I don't know what will happen. All that I hope is that my life will become again, as it was before these events. One beautiful, simple and soft life with my husband and our child.

Thanks for reading my letter.

your Stella.....

to Sandra

Dear Sandra,

My sister Blanche arrived two months ago.She was dressed in a white suit with a fluffy bodice.
She was five years older than me.Blanche was a little anxious. Blanche appeared sad and
nervous as if she expected something from me.Stanley didn,t like Blanche.He thought  that she
had never lost Belle-Rêve and that she always lied.Stanley said that Blanche came to the hotel
Flamingo and she was not respected by anyone in Laurel.Blanche had been kicked out of her
high school, because she had a problem with a seventeen year old boy. But I didn,t believe all
of those stories. It,s possible that some of the things he said are partly true , but I excused her
because , she had an experience when she was young that killed her illusions. She had falling in
love with a talented young man but he was degenerate.Mitch liked Blanche , I think he was
falling in love. Both have lost a person close to them , when they were young. They spoke
together a lot, because they have the same character.But Mitch didn,t want to marry Blanche, because
he had dicovered that she was a liar.He was looking  for a woman who would never lie to him.Stanley wanted to leave Blanche . He had bought  a ticket back to Laurel for Blanche's birthday. Blanche cried very much and she was overwhelmed.I hope that the things fix themselves.

                                                                    I'll see you soon


To Blanche

From Célien
Dear Blanche,

I,m not sure to have well understood your behaviour toward your sister and her husband. I know that you have many problems but Stella asked her husband to be kind and patient with you. She told him that it was because of the events which took place before: the deaths of your parents, the young husband and the loss of the property.

You have lived in their small flat from May to September and Stanley was angry because you took to much space and he realised that you was a liar. Your relation couldn,t be happy.

It,s a fact that you need a human being but a man can,t stay with you because you are an alcoholic, neurotic, selfish, liar and your life since the loss of Belle-Reve isn,t clean. You were a prostitute in a hotel called the Flamingo. You told to Stella that you would like to change both situations but Stella didn,t want to change anything, she is in love with her husband and accepts everything from him.
The main problem is that you wanted to be in love with Mitch but I have the feeling that you hide your bad side.

In fact when Stanley discovers the truth about your past he informed Mitch and then you lose his love.
Finally you have been forced to leave the miserable two-room place in the poor section of the city because Stanley called a doctor to take you away to a rest-cure.
You need some rest to calm your mental illness.

Good luck


From Deborah

 Dear Blanche,

I'm very shocked by your behavior, and I would like to ask you something about it.
Why do you always lie? I can't stand that. You told everybody that you  had a very nice and good life without any problems. But we know that it is not true. I want to tell you what I think about lies. Liars are the worst people in the world. They make life difficult for us. When two people are friends and that suddenly one of them lies, there is a loss of trust in the relationship and there is no more possible friendship. By lying, you hide your real personality, what you really are and that's what you did.

Stanley, your sister's husband, has always been aware of your lies, that's one of the reasons why you have never liked him. I don't like Stanley's behavior either, because he is a alcoholic, poker player and he is very brutal, but I can't blame him for reproaching you your constant lies. Stanley didn't want to fall into your trap. On the other hand, you have been able to tell Stella, your sister, what you thought about her husband and even very frankly, and you know that by telling her the truth, you have hurt her feelings.
I know that in life there are circumstances where the truth is worse than lies because it is too difficult and hard to accept the truth. In those circumstances, lies can be useful.
We should be able to feel when we must tell the truth or choose to lie.


From Stéphanie

Dear Blanche,
I read the play « A Streetcar named Desire » and I decided to write to you, because you were the character who was the most difficult to understand.

I think you,re the one who has, and has caused, all the problems in the play. Since you arrived at Stella and Stanley,s house, you created confusion.

You lied, you acted as if you were in your own home, without any consideration for your sister and her husband. You also tried to destroy the love between Stella and Stanley, but you lost.
I can understand that you,re a woman with troubles, and that it makes you want everybody to look at you, but, if you feel nervous and unhappy with yourself. Why don,t you try to change ?

You,re too proud to ask for help.

How can Stanley and Stella know how you feel, if you,re always lying ! Now I understand Stanley,s behaviour. He,s a bit violent but I think he was right to send you to hospital.

I have another question. Why do you play with men ? I know that you like to feel desired, but when Mitch told you that he loved you, why didn,t you try to keep him, to explain to him what had happened in your life.

I think it was a chance that was given to you, and that you didn,t take up.

You know, when you have the chance to start a new life, don,t think that it will fail. It,s not because you have been sad all your life, that it will not change. With this way of thinking, you,ll be alone for the rest of your life.

finally, you could have been helped, because Stella has a heart of gold, but you should have done something for it. You have no excuse for your attitude.
I hope you,ll have another chance to change.



From Blanche
to Léa:

Dear Léa ,

I'm Blanche and I 'm in a psychiatric hospital.  When I went to my sister ,Stella , I  had a lot of problems .

First , during all my stay , Stanley , her husband and I ,  were always in conflict . He thought that I was a liar and that I wanted to take their money . Stanley was violent because he drank too much .He didn 't think of the fact that Stella was expecting a baby .

When I met Mitch , Stanley  made sure everything went wrong between us .we get married but Stanley , at the same time ,had discover that I was a prostitute . He told Mitch who I was  and Mitch wanted  no more to married with me because I wasn't a good woman for his mother . He wanted a woman who was pure .After a discussion, he decided that I had made mistake too many . I was very sad .

At the same moment , my sister had her baby and  when Stanley came from the hospital , I had lie . I said that I had received a telegram from a rich man inviting me a trip . I said too that I'm happy that Mitch and I  didn't would married . Stanley understood my lie and when I  menaced him with a bottle , he forced me to make love with him .

When Stella come back she said that I was going on a trip but she lied to me . In fact , a doctor brought me to go in this psychiatric hospital . It was terrible and I ' m angry against my sister but especially against  Stanley .I never will forget that .


to Mélanie

Dear Mélanie,

 Excuse me for not writing earlier, but I''ve been very busy.
 After the loss of Belle Reve, everything went wrong. My nerves broke and Mr. Graves, the high school superintendent, suggested that I take a leave of absence.

 I am now at my sister, Stella. She has been very nice to me. She accepted to put me up for a while. Even if she lives in a small flat, in New Oleans. It's not really a palace, but at least it's clean. I had to take a steetcar named "Desire", to go there, isn't that lovely! It's really a small flat, so I have to sleep in the sitting room. There's only one room, Stella and Stanley's. I don't like him, and he don't like me. I don't know why. I do everything to be nice. But he's just a brute. Always dinking beers, going bowling or playing poker with his friends. He has no manners. I can't understand how Stella can live with such a man.

 At least, he has a friend, who contrary to him, is very nice and has some manners. His name is Mitch.
 He's really very nice and quite good looking. He lives with his mother. He also lost a person he loved, like me, so we understand each other. I think he fancies me.

 But something went wrong. Last night, Stella organized a little party for my birthday and we were expecting Mitch, but he didn't come. I don't understand why. I phoned him but he wasn't there. I am sure Stanley is for something in this story. He hates me so much. Do you know what he gave me for birthdaypresent, a bus ticket to Laurel. You see what a horrible man he is.

   Now I must leave you.
I hope to see you soon.

To Stanley - nobody wrote to Stanley!

From Stanley
to Yannick:

Dear Yannick,
How are you? It's been a very long time since I haven't written to you, but I was very busy this last year.
Everything began, a year ago, when stella's sister arrived .Her name is blache, she is a very prety but hysterical and crazy.she said that she was come, because she had sell her house. this house is also stella's and she want to settle the bumpf .

Immediately she critized me and also our appartement, my clothes, my looks, my friends, my intelligence etc.

She have the look of a woman of the hight society but she is an alcoholic, completly, crazy and she is a prostitute.She was married when she was 16 years old but her husband was a pederast and when she has bared that she was very shake , she has squated my house because she is expulsed of her city .Mitch, my friend hasfallen in love with her ,she has broken his heart and I can't bear it, she is a hysterical bitch.

For her birthday, I have given her , a bus ticket and this last da I have stept with her . since that, she has become quite crazy and I have phoned a hospital. The next day a doctor came and went with her to the hospital. Now I'm quiet with my wife and my baby.


To Mitch
From Chloé

15th October, 1947
Dear Mitch,
You know I have never wanted to interfere in your life, but I  knew what happened with this woman, Blanche Dubois, and now I have to tell you that you are making the biggest mistake in your whole life, letting your friends send her to this psychiatric hospital.

Of course, this woman doesn't have a perfect past behind her, but you have to consider her first love story, and her situation relative to the death of her parents. Youare a man, you don't know how difficult it is to be a woman in this society: We have to assume responsabilities that are as hard as yours, and we have to be pretty, but not too much, because we always have to stay with the same man.Women, moreover, don't have as much liberty; they are lone some and have a hard life, if they don't find the right man. In the circumstances of Blanche's background, this is normal that she became a bit nymphomaniac. She tried to find a bit of love somewhere, with someone. Her brother in law, your friend Stanley, cannot live with her because of his jealousy of the sisters' relationship and his need to have sex with his wife. You can see that even her sister betrays her.

I know that your mother wouldn't agree with a wedding like this, but she's old, and she'll die. You'll let this bit of gold slide into your hands. You can make a new start, try again to do something beautiful with your life. Change place, change friends, and take this woman, who has so much love to give you if you accept to marry her!
I hope it is not too late.
     Big kisses

From Mitch

to Brian

Hello BRIAN,
You don,t know me and I don,t want bored you with my stories but last month , i have been going out with Blanche,the sister to Stella. I am falling in love. She is coming here, to New Orleans, for the summer. She is staying with Stella and  Stanley Kowalski because she has sold her familyhome on account of a lack of money. Blanche is a special woman. She is a real beauty but she has also a certain character. We drink very much but discuss too. By example, about my mother, my physic,  »she was impressed! », and my weight but she didn,t want to speak about herself. She treats her corps. Normally! She has told me, that she has lost her young husband when she was sixteen and she is suffered still a greak deal. Recently, Stanley has told me what he thinks about Blanche and since there, i can,t stop to think about it. I wanted to marry her but now, i am not sure, i don,t know towards my mother if i must live with a girl like Blanche who drinks, with a « heavy » past, and without money.I write you to know if you can help me. I must be advised and you are the last person who can do it. I am divided up between the desire to marry Blanche and to lose my best friend and this one to lose my only love!

Thanks in advance
                                                                                                       Your friend,


The Chrysalids 
(by John Wyndham)
To Uncle Axel  
To David  
From David  
Adva   Ana   Anja   Antonio  
Manuel   Marc   Paul   Rudy Stéphan   Zeina
From Emily  
From Ann  

Letter from Emily Strorm

to Bénédicte

 Dear Bénédicte ,

I don,t know you but I need to write to someone to speak about my situation .I am in a big trouble ..... . My name is Emily.I am a mother and I want the best for my family. I have children , one boy and two girls . I am married for a long time with a very pious man who is very famous in the city .You know , describing my life to you  is  a deliverance .I would like to explain to you my situation: I believe in God,it is a natural thing for me, but for my husband ,the religion is the most important thing in life. His behaviour is very strict about that and he is very intolerant to people who aren,t « normal »,because they aren,t « creations of God ».

When my sister Harriet came to me to save her baby because he was abnormal, I was very shocked. He could have been killed by people like my husband .Sure I didn,t accept because I knew that it wasn,t my husband,s idea .He wouldn,t agree, I had no choice .So I refused to help her; then  some days later she killed herself  with her baby because she didn,t want to see him killed by criminals who thought  that her child was a deviation of the nature or that he was the devil,s child ....

Now,I think that all this story is my fault. I was in a big disarray ,I couldn,t accept Harriet,s request  because I knew that Joseph ,my husband, would be very angry with me .But in my heart ,I had not the same feeling .I loved my sister an I loved her baby also but sometimes life is difficult .I had to make a choice between my family and my husband; and I chose my husband .

I can,t do what I want, I am like a slave. I love my family, I want the best for us. But the problem is, I feel that David is not like his father.They haven,t the same character .I don,t understand why ,but the relationship between them is very bad.They can,t communicate.

I think that David doesn,t understand the judgement of his father .They are both completely different .I feel that something is going to happen....

Most of the time I can,t say my opinion because I must agree with my husband. And especially, I am not able to talk to my son too....

Now I am completely alone: David is gone with my little baby Petra and Joseph is trying to find them everywhere.

I fear ...
What will happen ?
What can I do ?
What can I think ?

      Please help me !

Letters to Uncle Axel

From Stéphanie

Dear uncle Axel,
I know you are David's uncle, but you are his best friend too.

You are the only one who understands him and who is very kind with him. He likes talking with you and  now I am writing you a letter for him, because he needs your help and he wants to speak with you and nobody else.
His father is really dangerous, because he is a fanatical man: he says any creature that seems to be
human, but is not formed thus is not human, he says too that it is a blasphemy against the true Image of God,  and hateful in the sight of God. Yesterday David had run a splinter into his hand and when he pulled it out it bled a lot. He went to the kitchen with it only to find everybody too busy getting supper to be bothered with him. And he said: "I could have managed it all right by myself if I'd had another hand". His father became angry and said that David, his own son was calling upon the Devil to give him another hand. But it wasn't a wish, it was an observation.

I believe you know that one day David dreamt about a wonderful land and as he is telepathic, he  hopes this dream will come true.

Please Axel, help your nephew so that his dream will come true!

I'm looking forward to see you!

from Christophe

Dear uncle Axel,

First of all I,d like to congratulate you, because without you, I,m sure the group would be killed or something worse.

You helped  David since the begining of the story and your advice are always been good and right. So I think that you are on of the main characters.

The reason why I,m writing to you is the following. First I like the way you helped the group ; and secondly you represent for me an ideal of tolerance, because you didn,t  judge and persecute the group because they were different. You understood David and suggested to him the solutions of the problems.

Now, I want to know what,s going on with you and how is Life in Wakuuk. Is there still this climate of segregation and repressions for people who aren,t like the majority ?

I mean like « the mutants ».

Do people understand what happened, and can they live without all the rules, that had crush them.
Do you know where David has gone to ?

Did Michael explain it  to you ?

I,m sure if he could, he would do so, and did he find Rachel ?

I,m also writing to you to suggest some advice to avoid another segregation in Waknuk and to avoid especially a totalitarian government.  So I take the liberty to make you decide to became the new chief of Waknuk with, maybe, the help of Michael, Rachel and your sister Emily Storm. I,m sure that with you as chief of the government the life of people of Waknuk will change a lot and become really better and maybe really good.

Please accept it, because you  have the power, with your behaviour to change this part of the world, that has suffered already enough...



Letter(s) from Ann

To Céline

Dear Céline,

I am writing to you because  I am without hope and Iwant to unburden. I know that you are a normal person but you live on an other part of the planet, so I think you could stand back and understand me. I need someone who understands me.

I am revolted since Alan,s death and I don,t accept this discrimination between normal and anormal people. I believe I know who killed him and I am going to denounce them. I loved Alan and anormal people snatched him from me, because they didn,t want me to get married with a normal person. There is too much injustice here, so this is a world where it is not good to live.

I am one those different people, but they don,t respect my mind, so I feel alone. Ifeel excluded from this world even from my family. My place is not here. I would like to be a norm, so I try living as if I  wasn,t an abnormal person.

I have to go now. I am desperate.

  Letter(s) to David

  Dear David,

I know that your uncle Axel is important to you. You need him to receive advice and with him you can really speak. Your situation is very hard, you are telepathic and you must keep this secret to yourself because if you say it to somebody, a lot of trouble will come to you! And you know that your uncle understands that your life with your father isn't easy. But I don't understand one thing: you know he is a fanatical man so why do you say to him that "three hands would be practical,do you really want to die!!? So I must again tell you to be careful with your father and when you speak with your uncle, too, because if your father knows your secret, he will kill you. But if you are in trouble, ask your uncle Axel.

Now I want to tell you that if you decide to go to Fringes, because here, in Waknuk, life is too hard for you, I hope that everything will be all right for you and I hope that your uncle can help you. Your uncle Axel will always be here for you, you never will be alone.

I am a norm but I don't think that you are one and your uncle, either. You are telepathic but for me it is not a failing, you are not a mistake as your father says, don't believe him, he is stupid, your telepathy is a great quality.

Take care,

  Letters from David

to Paul:

Dear Paul,

I hope, that a lot of people are still alive in Waknuk.The Sealanders  are sorry ,but they couldn't pick you up to take you to their country because of the fuel. It's not fair  for you it is God who decided which people would be the survivants..

Here in this beautiful coutry, there is no pression between people because they all are same ,they all have the same power:the power of telepathy.We are like survivors of an other world, it's really fantastic. Here, God hasn't as much influence as in Waknuk, people only believe in their power, it's the best thing.

But I prefer the time when we were all the together I can't forget this time.I will do all that is possible to reach Waknuk to pick you up .The first difficuty is that the travel costs a lot but remember, that we will never forget you in our mind and I hope that you won't either.

                                                                                    We really miss you.
                                                                                          Yours,  David.

To Anja

Dear Anja,

I' am  writing this letter to you because I am very nostalgic; I just remembered my friend Sophie again, the girl I met when I was a little boy. A couple of years later, when I saw her face again, I began to remember with sadness all the problems she had had with my father Joseph Strorm and all Waknuk because of her six toes, and how she had to go away with her family because she didn' t have the certificate which proved that she was a '' Normal human being '', created by God. She later became a nice young woman and lived with the other people in the Fringes. I met her in the wood because I was found with Rosalind, the girl I love and my little sister Petra, by the Fringes People.

Even if Sophie told me that she was in love with him, she helped us to escape from the Fringes but she unfortunately died  with the Spider-man, because of the arrows coming from the horsemen of Waknuk.

But now, in spite of the death of Sophie which is very difficult for me to accept and to bear, Rosalind, the girl I' am in love with, my little sister Petra and I, have reached our goal; we are living in the wonderful other world: '' Sealand".
We couldn ' t have managed it without the precious help of Petra because she has the strongest telepathic power. She was the only person who managed to communicate with the woman coming from Sealand.We all are very happy now, to live here.It exactly is like in the dream I often dreamed when I was very young. It has always been the place to which we belong...

    With Regards,

To Antonio

Dear Tony,

I,ve decided to write you this letter, because I,ve seen incredible things. I know you,re very busy, but please, try to read this all this letter. Two days ago I met a very nice and pretty girl, called Sophie. She,s perfect, almost perfect. You,ll take me for a madman, if I tell you that Sophie has something surnatural. I know you,re laughing, but I,m very serious.

Do you know about the Norm? In my country, if you don,t know about the Norm, if you,re not normal, you have to die. « But how a person can be abnormal ? « In Waknuk, it,s very ordinary that someone possesses a big head or three hands. And when this person is born, we must kill him . And I think (I,m sure) , that Sophie must not be killed. She,s so nice ! She will not be killed. What,s her defect ? I believe she has six toes. This abnormality isn,t important, what do you think?

I need your advice. According to you, what,s the best thing to do? I believe that this girl must stay alive, because « in her head » she,s normal. She isn,t a devil. Can I help my friend or not? I feel lost.! Please you,re my best friend and the only one who can help me.

Sincerely, David

To Ana
Dear Ana,

I hope that you are fine, me on the other hand I have lost a little heart, I'll confide in you why. To begin, I'm very sorry to answer to your letter so late, but I was living a difficult period these days.I hope you'll understand.

I know that you live in a country where people are more tolerant that in Waknuk, and I dream leaving for a land like yours. Today the situation in Waknuk is still more terrible for me, because a lot of events disrupted and distressed my life.

First of all, it concerns my friend Sophie. I make an incredible discovery : she's deviational. First I was shocked, but I quickly understood that it wasn't important, because she's my friend and my friendship with Sophie is more important than her deviation.

Then I realized that my father wasn't the man that I thought. In fact, he is very dangerous for people like Sophie and me (because I am telepathic as you already know). My father is obsessed at the norm and thinks that all that is deviational is a mistake that must be eliminated. It is terrible for me to think that my father is like that.

Fortunately, uncle Axel is by my side, because he helps me a lot and I don't know that I would make without him. Sophie and you help me a lot too, because I can well spoken about my problems with you.

I'll leave Waknuk with my friends, as I have already said. Do you think that it is a good solution ? Or have you others ideas to escape to this violence and this intolerance ?

I hope to receive an answer from you.

                                                                                         Your friend, David.

To Adva

Dear Adva,

My name is David and I'm, as you know, the hero of the story you have read with your teacher, Ms Hurst.

I know that you will be surprised that I write you a letter, but I really live in New-Zealand and my story really happened. I want to tell it to you another time with my own reactions that you don't know about.

When I was a small child, I dreamt every night about a world that I had never seen. I found this world wonderful and I hoped that it really existed. In fact, I wasn't happy in my family, in my country and with the people. Nobody understood me exept my cousin, Rosalind, and my uncle, Alex.

As you know, I was different. I was able to speak in my mind with another person. I wasn't able to talk about it to anybody, because it was a blasphemy.

In our civilisation, somebody who was different, was killed or was send in the Fringes. Because of that,
I wasn't able to speak about my difference.

Fortunately, I had a friend who counselled me, when I had difficulties. It was uncle Axel. I loved him and I knew that he would do everything for me. Such as, for example, killing Allan. But this is a secret...

About the group, I can tell you a few things, if it interests you. As you know, we were nine and we were able to communicate by telepathy. The people who were the most important for me, were Rosalind, who is my wife now, Petra, who lives with us, Michael and Rachel, who are now in New-Zealand, after three years of travelling.

I will write you another letter to explain you others things.
I hope that we will meet soon.

To Zeina
Dear Zeina

How are you ? First I would like to say that I am very sorry for not writing you for such long time.

You know ,I am really busy right now because we have a lot of problems and everything is bad at Waknuk. I am very worried about my little sister Petra because she is a very powerful telepath and the Sealand people want her because she is very strong and she can teach them a lot.

Waknuk is a very dangerous place for us, the telepaths, because for the people of Waknuk we are not the will of God. We must be careful all the time, I am really tired and I don't know what to do.

What do you think? Do you have an idea? What is the best for Petra? If we stay ,she will be sterilized or worse may happen to her. I am very worried about her. Please keep that a secret and if you find a solution, tell me.

Don't forget that the problem is very important because Petra might be kidnapped. She can communicate with people who live very far away but if someone finds that out, we might all be killed. I am really afraid so thanks for your attention and your help would be much appreciated.

I hope that one day the world will be a safer place to live in. No war, No injustice, No murder and that everybody will  like each other, even if that person has two fingers and not five on each hand! I think that we must accept everybody even if their religion, their country and their appearance are not the same. What's happening in the world today and why?

Please write back,

To Stephan
Dear Steven,

There are a lot of new factors, since the last time I wrote you a letter, that make me want to go. First, the relationship with my father is worse than ever, if at one time, there was a good relation between us. I know that it's my fault too, but his points of view of the world  and the life drive me crazy; he cannot think without the Bible, just like if he would have this book instead of his brain.

Second, and that's the most important point, it's the wedding between Anne and Allan Erwin. You know, Steven, I allready told you about this man; it's the same man that saw Sophie's sixt toe. The matter is, that Alan isn't like us, contrary to Anne. One day, Anne will speak to Alan from the existence of our group, voluntary or unvoluntary. And we can't trusu to Alan, so we have to do something. If he knows something about our existence and tells it to anybody alse than us, it would be very dangerous for us staying in Waknuk. I thought about this eventuality and the only logical thing to do, is to run away to Fringes where we wouldn't be search.

I don't know what to do, so I pray God to show me what I have to do, but he doesn't tell me anything. And I ask myself if there's any God that listen to our prayers; contrary to what preaches my father with obstinacy.

But I don't want to depress you with bad news, so I'll finish this letter with a great news: you know that I have a little sister, called Petra. But the thing you don't know, is that Petra has the same power like ours. And "better"; this power is stronger than mine . If our father knew about mine and her mutation, he would go into hysterics.


To Rudy
Dear Rudy,
I,m thinking about many things these days, and I don,t know with who to talk about it. These things are secret and I know I can trust you.

Every time I think of Ann, poor Ann who committed suicide because she has been weak. She has never accepted being abnormal, that,s why she had decided to marry Alan who was normal. Many of us have been worried about this wedding. We thought that Alan could have discover the abnormality, and our telepathy. It could have become very dangerous for Ann and most of all, for us. At this time, I didn,t know to who to speak about this story, but I knew that Uncle Axel was always there to listen to me. Then I told him about the wedding, but much later, I learnt that it wasn,t a good idea, because Uncle Axel killed Alan. For sure, it saved our lives, unfortunately, Alan wasn,t the only one ; Ann committed suicide after his death.

Uncle Axel, the only one who understood and listened to me. He was great. He was the only one who accepted people the way they were. I saw how the world of Wacknuk was so cruel. Even my father didn,t understand abnormality. He even not did accept his brother, « Spider- man », because of his long arms and legs.

Inside of me, I wonder why people don,t like the difference although they always try to be different, and why they don,t  accept people the way they are.

Tell me from your world, what you think about this life.

     Your friend,


To Manuel

Dear Manuel,
I'm writing you this letter because I know,you are not telepathic,so I use this form of communication to communicate with you and your family.

I always told you that at present the situation is very bad in Waknuk.You ought to know that I discovered the deviation of Sophie,that was really a very strange moment for me, I had never thought that Sophie was devational.

You know, I have realized that my father is really dangerous for all the deviationals people. Without Uncle Axel, I think that the situation would be more difficult for me, he helps me alot. He's really a marvellous Uncle.

Recently my father wrote some inscriptions on the wall of our house, these inscriptions are against the deviationals and all the people not according to the norm.

I really want to leave Waknuk,we want to go away with the other deviational people in a country where we will be able to live quietly,without intolerance and pressure from normal people.
What do you think about this idea, what could we do to escape from this violent segregation that we have always accepted? I feel negative about our future because the other people are so intolerant.Please help us to avoid a great catastrophe.

                    Thank you
                                                                    Yours David.

To Marc

Dear Marc,

You know, planty of things have changed since I wrote you and yet I want to leave as quickly as possible. My relationshipwith my father is terrible. He has no consideration for everybody who's  a little bit abnormal and the way that he agrees the bible as his life conditions drives me crazy.

And I'm also scared about Ann and Allan's relationship. As you remember of course,Allan is also the guy who saw Sophie's sixth toe. The problem is that Allan doesn't belong to the group. Ann will certainly speak to Allan and as you know we can't take such a risk. Allan has the same way of thinking as my father and that puts us in big trouble and I think Ann too. The only resonable thing to do is to leave Waknuk for the Fringes where we wouldn't be found.

I don't know if  I'll have the courage to kill him. I'm looking for answers by asking God but he still hasn't told me anything. At the moment I'm losing my faith.
Please I need your help, answer me back !



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