Hints for Word97 (including IPA phonetic fonts)

To integrate special fonts (SILDoulosIPA, for instance) in your computer:

Font IconInstall Font Choosing the diskette


To assign the keystrokes to the special characters:


Section written by Florence Durand

In WORD97:
Choosing the font in the WP

Here is the qwertzuiop line (we use the Swiss French keyboard code)
with the SHIFT key pressed down:

the QWERTZ line

and here is the asdfghjkléà  line
still with the SHIFT key pressed down:

the ASDFG line

and - the last line: <yxcvbnm,.-:
still with the pressed-down <shift> key:

the YXCV line

Missing from the above are: the missing ones
to which I attributed the following shortcuts (LHu):

L. Hurst's shortcuts

With this setup, it is possible to simply type in the IPA symbols
as one would type with any other font.
[Section written by Lilliam Hurst]

If you are still using WINDOWS 3.1 (I can't give you screen-grabs, because I no longer have this OS - LHu)
Insert  à Special Characters
Fonts     à      SILDoulosIPA à   Click on the desired character / symbol
Keyboard Shortcuts à New Shortcut Keys à  Write the shortcut keys chosen
Attribute à   Close
Replace ". . ." by the <CTRL> key + the desired letter (or: "Attribute")
[Section written by Florence Durand]

Original text: Florence Durand, 24.9.98
Addition of images and alternative procedure: Lilliam Hurst, 7.11.99
Final edit, update and translation:  18.11.1999