3D - Structures - Exercise 2 - CEC English Diploma 1999
Choose the correct answer for each question.

1My aunt Julie --- to Paul's wedding last year.
has not been invited
isn't invited
was not invited
didn't invite

2When Henry met Pauline he --- a word.
didn't say
had said
could say

3--- you start the machine, --- read the instructions.
Before / then
After / first
Before / first
After / then

4--- the salary is low, I'm still very pleased with my job.
In spite

5She enjoys --- her job but she hopes --- something different soon.
doing / to find
to do / to find
doing / finding
do / find

6Most people would buy their own house if they --- the money.
were having
had had

7Why don't you ask the people --- rented the house --- we sold last year.
who / -
which / which
- / -
which / who

8We came home in --- car.
father's Helen's
father's of Helen
father of Helen's
Helen's father's

9If I --- you, I --- the risk.
am / won't take
were / wouldn't take
were / hadn't taken
was / wouldn't have taken

10Listen, she --- go with her. What do you think ?
wants we
wants that we
wants us
wants us to

11She said she --- come to the meeting but in fact she did.
would not
will not
has not
is not

12Why --- to stay in London for the night ? --- you take the latest flight back to Geneva ?
couldn't you / shouldn't
did you have / couldn't
must you / mustn't
had you / couldn't