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The APPLAUSE Model is based on the fact that the pedagogical use of the toolbox - a resource consisting of multimedia oriented tools, as well as for training for them and their usage for teachers and pupils/students - is the driving force. It is follows a clear-cut logic path.

spacer Three on-line forms are being developed:

    bloc beu-juane  to pick up data on the pedagogical use of a specific product (multimedia tool), with information on technical and pedagogical aspects of the tool such as language, level of instruction, pedagogical classification, copyright, technical use, etc.;

    bloc beu-juane  to gather information and pointers on teachers training material for the pedagogical use of the multimedia tools, with information on available courses and materials from tool providers, teaching institutions and professional development centres;

    bloc beu-juane  to collect data concerning examples of pedagogical usage of multimedia tools. The expected audience has to be kept braid enough: best practice-success stories might scare some teachers and pupils. The concept could lead to a tendency to have only examples available that ordinary teachers and pupils cannot obtain with their resources and time/competence. So APPLAUSE shall to encourage teachers and pupils to deliver also “small” ordinary examples from their use of multimedia tools in school settings.

This process is further consolidated by an original quality control procedure that will ensure precision, readability and honesty of collected information's.

The inputting structure is to be completed with a meaningful browsing interface to help all interested people to access to up-to-date, precise and usable information for their work.
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