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European Network of Innovative Schools (ENIS)

The European SchoolNet constituted by and within the EUN project is a strong innovative factor in the development of European schools in the coming years. Comprising as partners among others 18 Education Ministries the EUN project has the potential of enforcing the innovative processes related to the use and integration of ICT in European schools.

As a component of the EUN structure the overall goal of ENIS is to create a network of innovative schools which can be utilised for full demonstration of pilot projects in EUN and beyond. The complete network consists of approx. 500 schools with broad European representation, and will constitute a common integrated framework in terms of:

bloc beu-juane  connectivity and technical infrastructure;
bloc beu-juane  pedagogical and organisationaltools;
bloc beu-juane  pedagogical and organisational methodology;
bloc beu-juane  skills and knowledge.

The network comprises schools with proper ICT-equipment and experience of using it. An appointment process is taking place in each of the EUN member countries in order to appoint the most innovative schools. Each ENIS school should fill in and submit a form, which will bee evaluated by the national authorities.

Key benefits for appointed ENIS schools include:

bloc beu-juane   automatic access to the full EUN facilities via the Internet;
bloc beu-juane   invitations to participate in the EUN test-bed for projects and processes;
bloc beu-juane   direct contact with other ENIS schools and access to their shared experience and best practice;
bloc beu-juane   easier access to national educational development funding and industrial sponsorships;
bloc beu-juane   the marketing benefits from being linked to a high profile, pan-European brand.

ENIS schools will commit themselves to:

bloc beu-juane   ongoing ICT and pedagogical development;
bloc beu-juane   share experiences and information;
bloc beu-juane   be willing to collaborate with new ENIS project partners and initiatives.


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