eun ch WP 13 navig. gif EUN WP 15 : A Virtual Educational Multimedia Authoring Laboratory

Main Objectives:

bloc bleu eun wp13 to investigate state-of-the-art educational hypermedia and multimedia authoring environments (commercial or developed within the framework of collaborative European R&D projects), identify the requirements of teachers and learners (taking into consideration different learning paradigms and school curricula), and devise a number of criteria to evaluate their pedagogical value;
bloc bleu eun wp13 to design, implement and validate a Web Site for a virtual educational multimedia authoring laboratory, where a number of hypermedia and multimedia authoring environments will be offered together with appropriate technical and pedagogical guidelines for their use;
bloc bleu eun wp13 to provide teachers training material for the use of each of the suggested educational authoring environments covering technical, methodological and pedagogical issues relating to their use for classroom activities. It will not only explain their capabilities, but also provide users with additional support in choosing the most suitable tools for their particular needs;
bloc bleu eun wp13 to identify "success stories" from the use of these environments in real school life and provide a set of best practice examples produced by teachers and students of the EUN School Network.

bloc bleu eun wp13 The APPLAUSE Model is closely interrelated to the above objectives and will serve as a point of reference for teachers and pupils in their attempts to create their own educational multimedia applications; stimulate innovation among users; and provide ideas and motivation for the utilisation of multimedia tools.
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