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European Schoolnet's Knowledge Centre (KCTR/EKC) in Europe

The European Knowledge Centre (EKC formerly known as KCTR - European Knowledge Center for Trainers and Researchers) gathers and shares knowledge from research, experience and good practice on ICT in education, creating a meeting point for theory and practice in the field of ICT in education for teachers, teacher students, teacher trainers and educational technology researchers.

The aim is to help teachers, school managers, teachers trainers and policy makers to
explore examples of on-going research in this field, and to find answers to their questions about this field. The EKC includes news and information on innovation, research, best practice, conferences and events in technologies and learning. It provides information and resources for teachers and researchers while hosting a permanent virtual seminar.

The EKC was launched in May 1999. The project will be developed further with resources and results from ongoing research in educational technology and from international seminars and ‘round table’ meetings of experts which take place in the EKC’s partner countries.

(source: www.eun.org)

In Switzerland

KCTR/EKC-related activities are structured as follows :

two residential seminars ;
- on the theme of
Teacher Education and Training ;
- contents follow specific guidelines. Talks have to :
(1) deal with
all the levels of teacher training;
(2) propose solutions for both
pre- and in-service training ;
(3) offer answers towards new
curricula and training schemes ;
(4) recommend
practical measures on how to organise, finance and manage training curricula;
(5) the above-mentioned seminars should not simply describe the current issues and problems but rather
put forward creative solutions and offer concrete schemes and projects.
- participants are to include decision makers, CEOs, teacher syndicates, teachers, resource and training centres’ managers, headmasters, etc.
- the two seminar last for two complete days ;
expected outcomes include a state of the art description of current issues as well as critical and constructive texts on current training policies in Switzerland to be published on-line and used as basis for the participation to the EUN EKC forums.

Seminar 1

On June 30 and July 1 2000, a first meeting in Berne (Switzerland) has discussed extensively on major topics related to pre- and in-service Teacher Education and Training. This event is to be put into the encouraging perspective of the Swiss Government’s initiative called "offensive for education" to provide to all citizens of all age and residence with new means to cope with the information society.

A series of documents have been produced at the closing of this meeting. They deal with :
- organisational Issues and future trends ;
- ICT teacher training curricula ;
- re-engineering teachers' work (the new role of teachers) ;
- global teacher training strategies.

Seminar 2

Will take place in Bern also on September 8 and 9 2000. Building on the results of Seminar 1 this second meeting will foster further discussions among Swiss actors and it will
allow participants to hear contributions form major European and Swiss experts on national teacher training policy schemes. This meeting is to lay a heavy focus on exploring and advise concrete measures to help solve the issues that were dealt with during Seminar 1.

On the menu :

September 8
• A brief summary of the conclusion of Seminar 1 on " ICT and the new role of the teacher " by Mr F. Moret, a talk on " Teacher training curricula " by Mrs Y. Buettner and a discussion on " Future trends and strategies in Teacher Traninf " by Mrs M.T. Rey and Mr M. Anderes.
• Talks by two outstanding experts in the above themes.
• Group discussions.

September 9
Small group discussion will handle the above issues according to the following guidelines :
- national and regional
resource centres ;
- integrating
ICT in pre- and in-service teacher training ;
- how to
inform and persuade decision makers and politicians ;
- evolving from pre-ENIS to ENIS schools in Switzerland ;
- 20/80 : a
new formula to organise work at home and at school?
IDLE Integrated Distributed Learning Environments, how to build them ?
- training teacher trainers’ trainers ;
- the
ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) in pedagogy ;
- any additional issue deemed essential during the seminar.

The documents produced during this second seminar shall be put in line within a short time after the event.

The EUN Schoolnet EKC/KCTR Forum

The issues raised in Switzerland will be published on EUN’s EKC Innovation Forums by the end of August 2000 for two successive periods build around the main topics discussed locally in order to open the discussion and to encourage creative solutions finding together with the European members of the project.

Participation to the FETICHE 2 Grenoble Conference

The European FETICHE 2 Conference is organising a Conference on Teacher Training Policies in September 2000. A delegation form Switzerland shall take part in the discussions and take an active part in the conclusions and recommendations that this meeting will be issuing.

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