The articles in this site are all downloadable

They are offered in three formats of which two are printable (PDF and PS):

To see and/or print PDF files, your will need the Acrobat Reader "plug-in" application. If you do not have it, click here.

To print postscript files:
- On a Macintosh computer: to be able to print, you will need "Drop•PS", a public domain utility to be downloaded from i.e. : You drop the file on the application and everything takes care of itself.
- On a PC: open a dos shell from Windows 95 and type < copy lpt1: > (don't forget the colon) and you're done !

A third format is offered: Rich Text Format (RTF). This last format is is given here for those who wish to use the project's material for research purposes. Please feel free to use, quote and rework this material.

Thank you for mentionning what you borrow from SOCRATES' Mailbox: we will feel that our work has been useful, enough of a reward for us.

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