ICT Activities in Norwegian Schools


National Centre of Educational Resources

The primary school has about 400 pupils from 7 to 13 yeas old. The Norwegian partner, the National Centre of Educational Resources (NCER), has been at the school for a little more than two weeks in April to observe four teachers and 58 children in 5th grade. The two classes were working with an interdisciplinary project for about three weeks. The project had as an aim to make a newspaper about Europe. The regular subject based time schedule was not used in the project, except for Physical education and Arts.

The project was located in the regular classrooms, group rooms and the library where 12 computers were connected to the Internet. One of the main goals in the project was to use the Internet to get information to write articles about Europe. Both classes had one e-mail address each. E-mail was generally not used in the project. The pupils were very enthusiastic about the possibility to use ICT and the Internet both as a means to access information and as a means of producing the newspaper.

Lower Secondary School

The lower secondary school has about 160 pupils from 13 to 16 year old. NCER observed use of ICT during two weeks in February/March. This school has many after school activities going on, also in the ICT. One night per week the computer lab is open only for girls. The pupils are to a great extent in charge of these activities. Most of the after school ICT activities seemed to be focused on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). We also observed the two graduating classes use ICT in an interdisiplinary project going on once a week.
The project was located in their classrooms, the library and in the computer lab with 15 computers connected to the Internet. The Internet was used for information structured according to critical themes in the project. E-mail was not used in the project. Our observations shows that it is a demanding task to prepare and structure project work like this with integrated use of ICT.

Upper Secondary School

The upper secondary school has 300 students. It offers both vocational and academic subjects. The students are 16 to 19 years old. NCER observed the use of ICT for about two weeks in February/March in a common project for all the graduating classes.
The students based their project work in one of the main academic subjects with possibilities of integrating other academic subjects of relevance. We observed the search for information on the Internet.
The first week we were there they only had one machine and a modem. Mainly two groups, consisting of all boys studying Physics, were using the net. The students did not have their own e-mail addresses at the school, and generally they didn't use e-mail in the project. We also observed students using the Internet for History and language purposes. We mainly observed one teacher and her work at this school.


The objective in all three school was to do interdisiplinary projects using ICT as one of many sources and tools for accessing information and as a means to create products.
In addition to observe ICT activities in three schools, we also have carried out group- and individual interviews about the thinking of how ICT can be used, and the actual use of ICT in concrete activities.

NCER has not yet completed the descriptions of the actual activities and the interviews. A report from the project will be published later.

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