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Mail Exchange and Information Sharing

Name of the Participants :

Roseline Kornmann

Subject Matter :

9th grade swiss students in their second year of English and students in several foreign countries, anglophone mainly.

Type of Class :

They are fourteen and fifteen years old boys and girls. They are in a Modern section, which means that they are preparing to go to high school and have English as a specific subject. The other "high school" sections in that school don't have English.

Type of School :

This school is intended for 7th to 9th grade students to help them find an adequate orientation. Various sections are available according to the student's profile of performances: 3 sections prepare them to go to high school (Moderne Latin and Scientific), 3 sections provide a basic culture before the students leave school to start an apprenticeship or enter technical or vocational schools. It is possible for the students to change section at anytime during those three years.

Age of Students :

14-15 years old

Motivation of the Teachers :

I experienced AT&T learning circles four years ago, and telematic communication in English and in French with Kalimera, a Geneva school network. I appreciated personal, direct, easy and quick contacts between classes. Students enjoy communicating between themselves and are especially happy when they can exchange with far away mates. It awakens their curiosity and they can learn a lot of things.

Objectives of the Project :

To improve my students'communication skills in English through genuine communication.
Have my students communicate with young people from other countries.
Allow them to learn about different cultures.

Duration of the Project :

January to March 1997

Méthod :

Internet e-mail.

Equipment :

Students will work once a week on the project for a period of 3/4 hour. Each student will then have a computer and a personal e-mail adress.

Particulars :
Roseline Kornmann
classes 901M et 902M
Collège des Voirets
ch. des Voirets
1228 Plan-les-Ouates

tél.: 41 22 794 33 11
fax 41 22 794 06 76

Email :


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