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The "Edunet" Network
(Internet and primary schools)

Name of the Participants :
Thierry Briffod and Jean-Philippe Duret (working as a team)

Subject Matter :
Writing skills (in French)

Type of Class :
Fifth grade (10-12)

Type of School :
Primary school called "Ecole des Franchises"

Age of Students :

Motivation of the Teachers :


I have been using CMC with my pupils since 1992 in the EduTex network in Switzerland. This network has been ported to the Internet and is now called EduNet.

As a teacher, I thin that ICT are an essential tool to help students understand what CMC is about. It is an excellent incentive to learn writing and communication skills. It is also important to have young student understand that computers are no mere playing machine but communication tools as well. Opening up education to these aspects of CMC is one of the effective ways of preventing the creation of a growing group of people who don't know about and to use new technologies.

Objectives of the Project :


To set up a real communication setting;
To use the tools of toady's information society;
To motivate students to express themselves, to go and discover others, to produce written documents in a meaningful setting;
To offer pedagogic activities in the domains of writing skills and environmental issues together with other classes on line;
To apply email for communication among pupils of different classes and between pupils and their teachers.

Duration of the Project :
1996-1997 school year

Method :
EduNet Network; Mailbox proprietary software; Internet email; WEB

Equipment :
Two computers in the classroom: one exclusively used for email and the other one that can complement with WEB page access.

Length of the Observation :
Spring of 1997

Particulars :
Ecole des Franchises
Rte. des Franchises, 54
CH-1203 Geneva

Tel : +41 22 345.26.25

Email :,

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