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Using the WEB for
A World-Wide Experiment
on TV Watching

Name of the Participants :

Magdalena Wittwer
Jean-Paul Cattin

Subject Matter :

German as a second language

Type of Class :

CO PI 808
Eighth grade "Scientific" class: 22 French-speaking students (7 girls and 15 boys) form the Carouge district in Geneva.

Type of School :

Cycle d'orientation = Lower Secondary School, 3-year school leading up to the end of compulsory schooling. The eighth grade is two years before the end of this cycle.

Age of Students :


Motivation of the Teachers :

First let's mention that we have had other experiments in CMC use in the classroom that are mentioned in the SUCCES STORIES published by the CIP (Geneva, Switzerland). With this new activity, I plan to stimulate communication abilities in GSL (German as second language) where young French-speaking work with German-speaking students through a meaningful project with intercultural issues. I wish also to help young people to raise their expectations and their awareness for German-speaking TV, a Swiss national language.

Objectives of the Project :

Using as basis the study book "SOWIESO" (second volume, lesson 5, Langenscheidt publisher) we study the chapter on "Television".

We plan to do the following activities and use email and WEB pages to implement them:
- to enquire about who watches what;
- to observe which programs are felt interesting and where they are watched and for how long;
- to describe how watching TV is managed in the family setting, etc.

A questionnaire will be set up by the students to address these various issues.

Otherwise we shall :
- collect stories about TV (real or invented);
- watch together a chosen TV program and criticise it together;
- stay open to new ideas and possibilities !

Duration of the Project :

January 1997 to June 1997

Méthod :

Word processing and email

Equipment :

Access to a computer lab in the school with 13 computers

Length of the Observation :

Spring of 1997

Particulars :
Class CO PI 808
Collège de Pinchat
ch. Ch-Poluzzi 51
CH-1227 Carouge

Tel..: +41 22 300 06 33
Fax : +41 22 300 35 09

Email :

Subsidiary Comments :

By end of March 1997, we shall have set up a WEB page describing:
- the CVs of the student involved;
- a presentation of the class and the school environment.

Otherwise, a series of activities towards a better mastery of the word processor and email are planned in the context of this TV Watching Project.

M. J.P. Cattin will be our Webmaster.


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