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Wie ? - Claparéde !
Comment ? - Goethe !

Name of the Participants :

Rudolf Wein, (with perhaps other teachers) Goethe-Gymnasium, Bensheim
Bruno Rudolf von Rohr, Collège Claparède, Conches

Subject Matter :

German in Geneva
French in Germany

Type of Class :
Tenth grade of an "artistic class"

Type of School :
Collège Claparède, post-obligatory syllabus

Age of Students :

Motivation of the Teachers :
Why do teachers use CMC ?

- To try and integrate German language lessons in a more global perspective;
- To convey skills to the student that are applicable outside of the classroom;
- To help students to work collaboratively and co-operatively;
- To involve the learner in the process of his learning by giving him the means (as much as possible) to control by himself the way he wants to learn;
- To combine learning of a foreign language into a real communication process in order to free this learning from too specifically school-bound constraints;
- To help students be motivated by their learning and take a personal control of it.

Since when ?

- Since 18 months, on a personal motivation. In my class it is a first try at ICT.

What do the teachers appreciate in these activities ?

- The ease of use, if and when communication facilities are open.

Objectives of the Project :

see above

Duration of the Project :

From January to June 1997

Method :

To begin with, the project is completely integrated within the syllabus. Later on, may evolve into an autonomous experiment.

Equipment :

The school's computer lab

Length of the Observation :

Not decided yet

Particulars :
Mr Bruno Rudolf-von-Rohr
Collège Claparède
Case postale
CH-1225 Chêne-Bourg

Email :

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