A Curriculum for Schools


Information technoiogy (IT) is one of the basic building biocks ofmodem society. Ail young people need a grounding in IT skills andconcepts to heip prepare for their future, to secure good jobs, andto contribute to wealth creati on.

UNESCO commissioned ieading ITexperts from developed and deveioping countries to prepare acurriculum for ail secondary schoois. The resuit is a set ofpracticai and reaiistic proposais which can be implemented quicklyand at minimum cost.

The curriculum is designed in modular form - education authoritiescan select elements to meet their objectives at any phase ofdeveiopment - local writers can produce course material to meet localcuitural circumstances.

Topics for ail students include computer hardware and software,text processing, working with graphics and databases, social andethical issues; with optional modules on elementarv programming, anda range of applications including desk top publishing, multimedia,modelling, simulation, robots and expert systems.

For completeness, advanced topics are aiso defined to heip olderstudents to bridge from foundation level to vocational and generalcourses at the tertiarv stage. It is recognised that not aIlsecondarv schools will be staffed and equipped to provide theseadvanced courses.

This important contribution to world education will be of greatînterest to teachers, trainers, curriculum designers,administrators and politicians concerned with providing the besteducational opportunities for ail young people.

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