Appendices Appendix A ICT Literacy A9 Jobs and/with ICT
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Students should have some awareness of the nature of jobs in ICT and the way ICT plays a role in different other jobs.


The titles and job descriptions of ICT personal have grown out of IT history and are not self-explanatory, even to the computer literate persons. Insight in professional application of what students learn at school is part of most curricula. But also because of the lack of understanding how important ICT is in professional environment and how «human» ICT-workers are, it should be an essential part of the ICT-curriculum. Many students will contemplate a career in ICT or reject that for wrong reasons. They should be helped to make an informed choice.


Students should research and report on the careers available in the computer industry, including systems development and the provision of services. They should have some insight in the applicability of ICT in other disciplines.


Minimum necessary resources:
Careers opportunities library.

Optional extra resources:
Presentation packages;
Projection facilities.


All A-Units, especially Unit A8 Social and Ethical Issues.


This may be a good opportunity to send students or groups of students out to interview ICT practitioners or other people whose work is very much influenced by ICT and to interpret the information gathered. The use of a word-processor and a presentation tool should be appropriate to illustrate the results of research. Qualification survey graphs could also be created. A spreadsheet could be used to list and compare variables, for example investment in training versus potential income.