Appendices Appendix B Application of ICT in Subject Areas
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Appendix B Application of ICT in Subject Areas



This module covers the application of ICT-tools work within specific subject areas including languages, natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and art. The topics include: measurement, modelling and simulation, robots and feedback devices, statistics, creating graphics, spreadsheet design, and database design.

ICT can be applied to most of curricula of the subjects in secondary education.

On the one hand there is the application of the more generic tools and ICT-skills described in Module A. ICT Literacy. In Module B we briefly address this type of use in the main subject areas. In these cases we will specify the Units from Module A that are a prerequisite to the application of these tools. Depending on the approach (see chapter School) a specific A-Unit can also be treated in the context of the subject area.

On the other hand specific application software that can only be used a specific subject area (for example, mathematical software that only is of use within the area of mathematics). In these cases these application are described in separate Units with the label B.

Also two Units, E1 and E2, are described that are extensions of Units A4 and A5, respectively.