Appendices Appendix B Application of ICT in Subject Areas B3 Robots and Feedback Devices
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Students should be able to operate a simple robot and use a simple feed-back device.


Students should be able to:

  1. control a specific robotic device;
  2. identify the situations where feed-back devices are useful;
  3. use a simple feed-back device.


This unit is a link to the industrial production in a country. The number of robots and feed-back devices is increasing rapidly with consequences for the labour market and the qualifications of people needed by employers. Students should have an understanding of the operation of robots, as they are frequently and increasingly being used in (a) dangerous situations, (b) improving the quality of the products, and (c) reducing labour costs.


Students should use a simple software tool, or prepared user-interfaces, to control a robot. They should also attempt to build a simple robot device.
Students should use feed-back devices in experiments in other subjects, such as a microphone in Physics or a thermometer or Ph-meter in Chemistry.


Minimum necessary resources:
A simple programmable robot device – with its own keypad or connected to a computer – for each group of students;
A simple feed-back device which provides input for a suitable computer programme.

Optional extra resources:
Robot, with control hardware and software;
Hardware and equipment to build robots at school;
Tools like LEGO-LOGO, Fischer Technik;
Several kits with the necessary hardware and software are available


Unit A1 Basic concepts of ICT


Technical creative work for one or two groups, roulating