Appendices Appendix B Application of ICT in Subject Areas B4 Statistics
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Students should be able to use a simple statistical package to the level required by other disciplines.


Students should be able to:

1. call up the correct section of a statistical package and enter data;

2. utilise output to the degree demanded by the specific discipline.


The teaching of statistics is not an objective of the IT course. However, where students use statistics in other disciplines, they should be able to handle a simple statistics program and create an output which they can interpret in context.


This unit is likely to be used in the senior secondary phase. Other disciplines most likely to use the Unit are economics, mathematics, agricultural science, biology and the social sciences. The complexity and volume of statistical work done will depend entirely on what is required by other disciplines.


Minimum necessary resources:
One computer per group of students;
Simple statistical program

Optional extra resources:
Training video or program.


Unit A4 Working with a spreadsheet and Unit A6 Composing documents and presentations;
many statistical packages allow import of data from spreadsheets, and export of data to graphical packages.


Students who have once made an involved statistical calculation manually, will always want to use a computer program for this purpose in the future.