Appendices Appendix B Application of ICT in Subject Areas B6 Music
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Students should be able to create compositions, musical scores and arrangements of music as required by that discipline, using appropriate hardware and software.


To the level required by the discipline, students should be able to:

  1. explore the use of appropriate hardware and software to play music, modify and print scores;
  2. demonstrate the use of appropriate hardware and software to compose musical pieces;
  3. demonstrate the use of appropriate hardware and software to arrange musical pieces;


Available software enables musical scores to be written and edited with a computer in the same way that word-processing packages are used for composing text. Music can be played back and listened to via suitable hardware. Students who are required to write musical scores should realise that the computer facilitates the process. They should also know how to use appropriate software and take advantage of it for personal use.


The teaching of music is not an objective of the informatics course. Before this unit, students should be able to identify the correlation between score and music. They should be able to modify an existing score in order to achieve a stated or desired effect. This should eventually be developed to the point where they compose original scores on a computer and arrange such compositions for different instruments, again using a computer.


Minimum necessary resources:
Computer, music creation software.

Optional extra resources:
MIDI interface and associated hardware.


Hardware, Systems and Software Environment, Keyboarding Skills, Text Processing.


Hands-on experience.