Appendices Appendix C Integration of ICT across the Curriculum
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Appendix C Integration of ICT across the Curriculum

Examples of projects are described to demonstrate the use of ICT in a combination of subject areas where work is done on real-world projects and real problems are solved. In Appendix C some examples are given to show how – within one course – ICT can help students to integrate several areas, such as mathematics, science and art. There are also examples of larger projects that include several courses and several schools integrating ITC in community or global projects.

Below you find a selection helping you to plan your own project. The examples illustrate the use of ICT in different subjects referring to different modules described previously.

  1. «Outside Back Cover» – an Encouragement to Reading
  2. «you become what you eat» goes the saying... are we becoming genetically modified ? 
  3. «Antarctica 2000» 
  4. «Mutlimédia et Langues»
  5. «The Parking Garage Problem»
  6. «The 1920’s and It’s Excesses»
  7. «Le Village Prologue»
  8. «Society’s Problems»

An overview can be found in Table 3. ICT-enabled projects.