Appendices Appendix C Integration of ICT across the Curriculum «Outside Back Cover»
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«Informatics for Secondary Education» A Curriculum for Schools, Unesco, 1994

The project helps to meet some of the Computer Literacy objectives and links students and teachers in school with information scientists and librarians.

The Project

Students write a «fourth outside back cover» which is a summary of a book recently read with the purpose of giving others the longing to read it (this is not a matter of marketing!).

Typing the Summary

Students use a word-processor to prepare the text, adding personal information about themselves, their class and their school, as well as keywords, ISBN number and an abstract which could be used by school or local libraries. A complementary activity could be a book of the month selection.

Database Creation

Students collect contributions from other students in the same or different classes or schools within their region to create a database of reviewed books.

Database Use

Students interrogate the database for their next reading choice, to get or order a book from the librarian, or to link with the database of the school documentation centre.