Appendices Appendix C Integration of ICT across the Curriculum «Antartica 2000»
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3. «ANTARCTICA 2000»


The project

«Beginning in November 2000, Ann Bancroft (USA) and Liv Arnesen (Norway) will fly to Antarctica accompanied by nothing more than their skis, two sleds and enough food and equipment to sustain them during their 100-day, 2,400-mile (3,850 km) trek across the frozen continent. After completing the traverse in February 2001, they will be the first all-women’s team to cross Antarctica.

A group of students at Mølladammen, Norway, will make weekly reports from the expedition and they will be able to communicate directly with Ann and Liv in Antarctica as well as integrate the project to the overall pedagogical activities of the class involved until the Spring 2001.»


Students inquire about former expeditions in libraries and on the internet.


Students learn about health and nutrition. They create a spreadsheet with the amount of food needed compared to the miles walked.


They learn about pollution and the consequences of the ozone hole.


Students study the meteorology in consulting existing databases. They create a database for the time of the expedition.


They study their own dreams. They exchange mails with other students and discuss the dreams other people have.

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