Appendices Appendix B Application of ICT in Subject Areas E2 Database Design
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Students should be able to create and use databases in a competent manner.


Students should be able to:

  1. understand some of the relevant phases of problem solving;
  2. identify a problem which can be solved by a database;
  3. design and create an applicable database;
  4. obtain data and enter it into a database;
  5. draw and interpret information from a database in a structured and rational manner;
  6. understand the principles of personal data protection.


This Unit extends the experience gained in studying Unit A5 Working with a Database. Familiarity with the main commercial databases is an advantage when seeking employment.


Using a suitable example, students design an appropriate questionnaire and collect data. They students make a first structure of a database, and enter the data. Some fields might be wrong and may have to be modified. The database can be restructured until a usable database has been established. During the process of using the database, students will become familiar with some of the main aspects of problem solving: design, data entry and modification, as well as use of the application. Principal data types such as text and number will be covered. If database systems with a programming language are available, principle elements of programming, such as conditions and loops, can also be covered. Analysis of the use of databases will demonstrate how commercial processes operate, for example there would be a serious problem for a new airline if it were not allowed to use the existing reservation system. Students should also be familiar with very large databases (VLDB) and Geographic Information Systems.


Minimum necessary resources:
One computer per group of students;
Simple databases contained within Office suits;
Some countries provide simple educational databases or special user interfaces for students at a reasonable price.

Optional extra resources:
Advanced database;
Liquid crystal display panel for overhead projector.


This is an extension of Unit A5 Working with a Database.