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General Education Specialisation Module

This Specialisation Module is specified for secondary schools which have the necessary hardware and software, as well as trained teachers able to deliver the units.

Ideally, courses should be built up from Units GS1 and GS2, in consultation with universities and tertiary institutions, so that advanced credit can be obtained towards a tertiary computer science course.


Students should be able to design and implement technical computer-based systems which model real problems using an algorithmic, problem solving approach.


Units GS1 and GS2 together represent a standard set of courses which are commonly used at both secondary and post-secondary level as foundation in a study of Informatics. The depth and breadth of coverage and practice must be adjusted to match the student population so that students will be able to enter Higher Education with basic knowledge and skills in the programming of systems and in software development.


Units SP1 and SP2


Unit GS1 -> Unit GS2