Appendices Appendix B Application of ICT in Subject Areas ICT in Social Sciences
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Composing Documents and Presentations (Unit A6 and Unit A3) and Information and Communication (Unit A7)
It motivates students very much to produce a report with ICT-tools on a topic in history, geography or economy. Students will appreciate ready-to-use graphics, photographs, pictures and other information which is available on Internet about the topic. This application of ICT can be used to make a report on a certain topic, to give context to the subject discussed in the curriculum and to bring actuality into the classroom. Attention should be given to the problem that students just copy Web-pages into the presentation or use materials from other students.

Spreadsheets and Databases (Units A4 and Unit A5, Unit E1 and Unit E2)
In the study of social sciences, spreadsheets and databases serve the same purpose: to enable students to systematise and organise information. For example, students could make use a spreadsheet to make a list of dates, events, countries and persons involved. This list could then be organised by date, by country or by the person’s name. Such lists make good study aids. Younger students like to collect information, and will enjoy setting up a database, for example on facts about countries in their region.

At a more advanced level databases and spreadsheets could be designed by the pupils themselves in order to help to solve a realistic and contextual problem (see Unit E1 and Unit E2).

Social and Ethical Issues and Professions (Unit A8 and Unit A9)
In the social sciences there is the best place to discuss ICT-topics related to the protection privacy and their attitude towards protection of data and copyrights. This is also a good moment for a discussion about the impact of ICT on society (changing and new professions, unemployment, economical value of ICT-investment, the so called «new economy», etc.). Students can learn here to deal with problematical information like racism, violence and they can obtain a better understanding of gender and intercultural issues. This can be reinforced by use of Internet (Unit A7).

Statistics (Unit B4)
Especially when studying Geography at an advanced level, students may need to use a statistical package.