Introduction Stages of Teaching and Learning
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Stages of teaching and learning

In the field of ICT, teaching and learning are the two faces of the same «educational» medal. There are four different stages in the way teachers and students can discover, understand and use ICT:

  1. To discover ICT tools and their general functions and uses; this implies: ICT literacy and basic skills. These are linked with the «Emerging» approach in ICT development.

  2. To learn HOW to use ICT tools and to be able to make use of them in different disciplines; this implies: general or particular applications of ICT in the different matters. These are linked with the «Applying» approach in ICT development.

  3. To understand WHY and WHEN to use ICT tools in achieving a project; this implies: to be able to recognise situations where ICT will be helpful, to choose the appropriate tools and to combine them for solving real problems. These are linked with the «Integrating» and «Transforming» approaches in ICT development.

  4. There is a fourth and last means to cope with ICT when one enters more deeply into the science that creates and supports ICT; this implies: to study ICT to become specialist. This study is quite different and concerns vocational or professional education rather than general education.