Professional Develpment of Teachers
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Professional Development of Teachers

Teacher training and professional development are essential to establish the use ICT in the professional life of teachers. These are tied to the approaches that are identified for ICT school development.


In this approach the focus is on the technical functions and uses of ICT and on the need for some knowledge and representation of the impacts of ICT systems as a whole. This approach often involves teachers own personal use of ICT, such as, the use of word processing to prepare worksheets; finding learning resources on CD-ROMs or on the Internet; communicating with friends and family be e-mail.


Teachers use ICT for professional purposes, focused on improving subject teaching to become able to enrich their own ways of teaching with a range of ICT applications. This approach often involves the teachers integrating ICT to teach specific subject skills and knowledge; beginning to change their pedagogy; using ICT to support their own training and professional development.


Teachers integrate ICT in all aspects of professional life, to improve the learning and management of learning processes. ICT enables them to become active and creative teachers, able to propose and manage the learning of students, integrating a range of preferred learning styles and uses of ICT in achieving similar goals. This approach often involves teachers integrating different knowledge and skills from other subjects easily into project based curricula. Teachers use multimedia themselves or have it used by the students to present their learning. They belong to web based professional development groups to improve their practice and experiment with different pedagogy to maximise the impact of ICT on learning and the management of learning.


Teachers and other school staff need to be convinced of the value of ICT personally and professionally. The above approaches are not a necessary hierarchy, they are intended to illustrate the approaches to ICT confidence and competence that many teachers go through, before they begin to transform their practice and the learning of their students.

Integration is leading to transformation, the teachers and students will expect a continuously changing pedagogy designed to meet their personal learning objectives, at the same time as the teacher will also be expecting to be supported as they develop their pedagogy. The anxiety of the teacher will no longer be the technology, it will be the understanding of learning processes.