Professional Development of Teachers C. Integrating ICT to improve Learning and the Management of Learning
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C. Integrating ICT to improve Learning and the Management of Learning

At this stage, teachers are fully integrating ICT in all aspects of their professional life to improve their own learning and the learning of the school’s students. The teacher uses ICT to manage the learning of the students and themselves. They use ICT to assist all students to assess their own learning in achieving specific personal projects. It is natural to collaborate with other teachers to solve problems and to share experiences as they become able to tell and analyse their own experiences (meta-competencies). ICT are not a problem, it is an opportunity.

Specific examples are provided in Appendix C of how ICT is being used to integrate subject knowledge and skills from across the curriculum to achieve individual learning objectives for students and teachers. The examples illustrate how this can be achieved for the individual class teacher working with a single class to that which can apply to the whole school.

There are general competencies and abilities common to all approaches to the integrating ICT in to learning and the management of learning. The focus of professional development will be on the pedagogic confidence and competence of teachers, building upon their previous training and professional development in applying ICT to teaching. The professional development in this stage will be encouraging teachers to collaborate in developing their curriculum and identifying innovative pedagogy. The opportunity for students and teachers to experiment to identify preferred learning styles and differentiated pathways is encouraged. Integrating ICT across the curriculum to enhance learning and the management of learning leads teachers to an understanding of how to transform their practice and the learning of their students. The general competencies include and build on those at the applying stage.

How to organise Teacher Development in Area C?

The kind of teacher activities described in this area of development are cannot be obtained by courses, seminars or workshops. These forms can be used as appetizers to inform teachers about integrated use of ICT but one cannot expect teachers to be doing this due to a one day course only. Most effective in this area is teamwork and educational leadership within the school. Where teacher communities in area B can be built on teachers from different schools, the communities in this area should involve only or at least some teachers from the same school within different subjects. Because the way of working in an integrated way is so different from what most teachers are used to, it is very important to share experiences, have a common goal and task, have involvement and equal input and have people to lean to if things are not going as you expected.

A good starting point for teacher development in this area is to form a group of enthusiastic people within the school. Later on that can be extended to larger communities of people from different school and even different countries.

In this area there are very good experiences in involving students themselves into the work of the community. They can have responsibilities for the activities as well and even have expertise (e.g. in ICT) which is needed in the project.

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