Professional Development of Teachers D. Supporting Integration by a «Resource Person» for Teachers and Students
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D. Supporting Integration by a «Resource Person» for Teachers and Students

Integration of ICT into a school needs (as in all other areas) human resources to support users work and needs. Hence, there must be experts or specialist teachers who will spend a great amount of time acting as «resource persons» or ICT co-ordinator. Without this human support, integration will not take place, whatever good the other factors are allowing ICT use and integration.

Sometimes this person is also the one who actually teaches informatics at a lower or advanced level. But this task can also be taken care of by another teacher. Also, the more specialised ICT curriculum Units in vocational education will be taught by specialised teachers. We do not fully describe the demands for actually teaching the subject informatics or vocational ICT subject, because that would lead to vast description which also depend very much on legislation and curriculum objectives in the different countries.

Here we will elaborate on the more essential role of the «resource person» or ICT co-ordinator.

These are requirements for this person:

How to organise Teacher Development in area D?

As stated at the last bullet the ICT co-ordinators should develop themselves as well. Sometimes this is a matter of auto didactical development, sometimes «experts-to-be» can follow a longer «train the trainers» course. In these courses special attention should be given to all the aspects mentioned above. A good outcome of such training courses is always a policy document which the trainee has developed for his or her own school. In the assessment of the training course the evaluation of this plan within the school and the opinion of the management about the relevance of the policy document is taken into account.

In specific vocational areas teachers have to be trained in special courses. Teachers of informatics (certainly at the advanced level) should have a specific set of training modules, which in some countries leads to a certified exam for being a «teacher of informatics».