Operation "Success Stories (version 2.0)" brings together near 300 practical experiments and successful examples of the use of new information and communication technologies in education and learning.

This publication will help to integrate and to capitalise the know-how of practitioners with many different backgrounds, coming from the Geneva (Switzerland) school system, from various Swiss cantons and from a number of countries world-wide (12 countries).

This data base covers the entirety of the "Success Stories".
Items can be found under headers such as :

One can also leaf through the different case studies by considering them through different point of view such as :

This data base has been conceived right from the beginning in a multilingual way. Thus, in this issue, almost a third of the contributions are in French, one quarter is in German and another third in English, the remaining texts are either in Italian or in Portuguese.

There are three ways to use the "Success Stories (version 2.0)" :

The next version of the "Success Stories (version 3.0)" is planned for the Spring of 1996.